About Mangal Exports

Mangal Exports was established in the year of 2005 with a Team of strong, Young and Dynamic entrepreneurs under the technical guidance of Mr.G.Nithyanandan BE. A Techno-Crate. Mangal Exports cherished with export orientations and well equipment with complete set of apparel manufacturing machineries and capacity of handling all type of orders in large volume. Mangal Exports was engaged totally in manufacturing of woven garments. The unit is covered under sq ft of about 15000, with fully well trained employees.

Our Performing Style

We Are Well Experienced With The Following Garments Styles.


We have tie-ups with good power loom weavers, those who have 100 looms with production capacity of one lake meter per month for modern society and high quality we also weaving apparel fabrics in auto loom like Pica nor Rapier and Sulzer Rapier where can produce up to 110 inches width finished fabrics.

At present we have tie-ups with 50 rapier looms with capacity of fifty thousands meter per month. We have a professional to establish our own auto looms unit with 12 Pica nor Rapier GTM AS looms and 10 Sulzer looms at Kavarey Hi-Tech Park (Govt. of India) at Komarapalayam near Erode.


For rotary printing we use Stormac 12 color machine. We also use manual printing tables and automatic MHM chest printing machines. We are also specialized in high - density print, puff and gel prints, transfer prints, foil prints, glitter prints, glowin dark prints, flok prints, and cavier beeds prints. Also we are having good record in all kinds of screen prints too

Garment Finishing

Mangal Exports scores big on its finishing of the garments. Quality measures taken at every stage is quite visible on the finished product. Our trained workers are skilled in executing a perfect finish by using imported cutting / sewing machines.

Mangal Exports garments have a mark of quality and are always delivered in time.

Major Markets

The Company's primary strength is its long standing excellent relationship selling its products to major discount chains and mass wholesalers in Europe, the United States of America. The Company exports both textiles and garments to Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Sweden, Switzerland, UK and USA.

GermanyObermeyer (Main buyer)
UKKiren, Bank Fashion.

With an impressive production capacity, organization and infrastructure, the group is now actively focused on expanding its activities extensively in the US and European markets. All indications point to a substantial growth for the Group in the next five years.


The Company is capable to produce basic styles approx 40,000 pcs per month

Basic shirts of complete garments ready to wear per month and so long, with the association Of 200 skilled Labors and with the help of 50 other labors. Apart from all above capacities, the company also have separate contracted sheds for individual weaving, dyeing, and embroidery houses in our control.


Singer Machine250
Over Lock16
Double Needle4

All special machines are available for finishing.


Since, we are getting most of the raw materials from direct spinning mills and it is processed in our own dyeing units so it helps us to manufacturer all the goods in quality manner. It enhances to give the goods at competitive price.

Port Facility

Ship and Air ( Chennai and Tuticorin )


Kids dress
Woven garment manufacturer in Erode

Our performing style

  • Woven fabrics
  • Y / D Check Shirts, Check Boxer Shorts, Check Cargo's
  • Ladies and Men's wear
  • Kids and Children wear
  • All styles of Denim, Flannels, Lycra, Poplin and Oxford fabrics

Specialized in manufacturing and exporting of Woven ( Kids, Mens and Womens ), Dyed and Yarn dying.